The Latest Hand Lotion We Love

Recently, one of our favorite brands launched a super hydrating hand lotion, and I had to share it with you. 


To buy: $3.50,



We're big fans of EOS's shaving cream, and their new hand cream that is one of the best throw in your purse products I've seen to date.


The aloe and shea butter formula is moisturizing and, best of all, not greasy. I keep one at my desk and my fingers are never sliding off the keyboard afterwards. I have them stashed all over (bags, desks, and by my bed) because they are perfectly palm-sized and have a satisfying click so you know the pod is closed and there will be no spilling in your purse. 


Have you tried it? Or do you too have a favorite hand cream that you refuse to part with? I'd love to know which brand has you in the palm of their hand!



P.S. If you want to try it for free, visit to EOS's Facebook page because until May 2nd they are giving away 5,000 hand lotions each week. To enter just "like" their page. If you don't win the first week, they will automatically re-enter you until the duration of the promotion