Reader Question: How Do I Organize All My Tights?

March 30, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

Last week, a reader (and a friend of mine) Kari, tweeted in asking for help organizing her growing collection of tights and hoisery. Admittedly this made me scratch my head for a second because my collection is in shambles as well.


But after a little pondering, I think the best solution is probably to categorize the tights and store them accordingly. I'd vote for honeycomb storage like this from the Real Simple Solutions product line:




Roll the tights and label each row with the categories: solid black tights, patterned black tights, black leggings, colored tights, or the categories that make sense for your collection. If you don't have room for the honeycomb or another drawer organizer, try using zippered plastic bags that you label with the color/category and stack neatly in your drawer.


I'd love to know how you organize your tights and hoisery. Do you have a different strategy?


Real Simple Honeycomb Drawer Organizer, $9 at