Creative Walls by Geraldine James: Book Review

March 30, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

I’ve not done a book review here in awhile so I thought that today I’d share a recent favorite that gave me a boost of inspiration… It’s called Creative Walls by Geraldine James, who also happens to be a home buying manager at Selfridges department store in London. It’s eclectic, quirky and creative indeed!


When you think of a book focusing only on walls you imagine that at some point, you’d fall asleep — am I right? I mean, how many options do you have for a wall? Wall decals, paint, wallpaper, pictures… But with Creative Walls the author and her friends show you tons of ideas and most are not at all typical. I guess that’s the point of it being called “CREATIVE” walls. It almost trains you to turn them into mood boards filled with collected inspirations from everything you love! There doesn’t seem to be much Geradline wouldn’t place on a wall, which makes owning this book a must.


This book focuses on something you think would be so simple — walls — yet once you’ve poked around the book a bit you suddenly realize how a book on only walls can be completely amazing because this one manages to be a real page turner. Geraldine builds out the topic so thoroughly and has such a great eye for arrangement – and she’s quite quirky and imaginative so the spaces she shows you really stand out as creative and personal. In fact, it is completely engaging from start to finish showing a mix of styles and periods and things – lots of things – on walls! It’s fun to see all of these fabulous wall ideas rounded up in a single book, curated by a women with obvious good taste and style. I also love the cover of this book and the overall design is quite nice, as is the paper quality.


I also like some of her tips and ideas throughout that make you feel as though she is giving you permission to follow your heart and “own” your vision. For instance, if you rip down the wallpaper and discover layers of old paper beneath it, keep it that way if you like it and don’t apologize. If you want to group a million portrait paintings from a flea market on your wall, go for it because it’s your house. If you feel like sharing your cherished collection of insects, plates, or anything else you fancy, do it. If you want to put tons of things on your wall in the kitchen (usually not a space most people consider displaying things outside of pots, pans, a clock and maybe a picture or two), why not? There are no limits to creativity and this book really opens the mind up to the possibilities.


Creative Walls gives you hundreds of ideas to help you deck your walls with confidence and creativity. It encourages you to have fun and follow your creative vision. Bravo to the author for such a divine book!

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