Wedding Shoes Galore & More!

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I want to thank everyone who weighed in on whether I should wear a short wedding dress or keep traditional with a long gown (most of you were pro-short). In the end, I decided on a long dress (thanks partly to my mother who would have died if I–her first born daughter–was given away in a "sundress").


I wish I could post a picture of it, but sadly my fiance would see it. But, I can say that the dress is being made by the extraordinarily talented Katie Ermilio. It's simple, beautiful, non-embellished, free of tulle and exactly what I wanted. I can't wait to see the finished product…especially with the addition of my SHOES!


As many of you know I am extremely excited about my wedding shoes. So much so that I will be changing them 3 or 4 times throughout the day. I can't imagine choosing just one pair for the whole day–thus there will be multiples. 


I wanted to tap your fashion opinions once again–this time regarding my shoes. I have noticed a big trend in brides wearing brightly colored heels (something blue, perhaps?), sparkly rhinestone studded stilettos and even booties (one of my favorite shoe designers Charlotte Olympia wore leopard shoes to her wedding). I love the creativity, which is why I can't just pick one. Plus, I think my simple gown will lend itself perfectly to a spicy shoe or two (or three or four).


Did you wear a pair of unique or non-traditional shoes to your wedding? What do you think of these picks?


S4                                                             Diane von Furstenberg 

S5                                                        Giuseppe Zanotti


                                                                    Kate Spade  


                                                                        Brian Atwood

                                                                    Christian Louboutin

        S3                                                                         Miu Miu


                                                                            Kate Spade

S16                                                                        Miu Miu



                                                                            Brian Atwood 

S12                                                                Giuseppe Zanotti

S6                                                                 Christian Louboutin


                                                                    Edmundo CastilloS8
                                                            Giuseppe Zanotti

AND...for all the wedding obsessed and/or crazed readers who will be in the NYC area this Wednesday–New York Magazine is hosting a Weddings Event in conjunction with their weddings issue. The event is promised to be an extravaganza of amazing wedding service providers: caterers, photographers, bridal dress designers, venues, stylists, florists and more. Although I'm getting married in Martha's Vineyard, I will still be attending for all the fabulous ideas. I hope to see you there! (Tickets are $40 for one and $60 for two. Buy them HERE)