7 iPhone Apps To Beef Up Your Creativity

March 25, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

Looking for inspiration? I’ve taken a more spontaneous approach to collecting inspiration from the world around me since the purchase of my iPhone 4 recently. Considering how expensive it was, it’s good to squeeze as much out of it as possible which is why I recommend finding apps that make your life easier or in this case, beef up your creativity. Here are seven iPhone Apps that I use almost daily to be more creative — I’ve found each of them inspiring and motivating in their own unique way.


1. Voice Memos. $0.99. This app is very straight forward and dummy-friendly. That’s why I like it – no frills! It simply allows you to record your voice and then you can quickly share the MP3 file with others. I love emailing them to friends and family or to myself so that when I get home and open it hours later, I have a reminder of something I did or need to do. I call this my “Note To Self” app, ha ha! Learn more about Voice Memos here.

2. AroundMe. Free. This app allows you to find nearby and local services such as bars, banks, hospitals, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. I travel frequently and find lots of inspiration from it. I don’t feel inspired though when I get lost. I love how this app helps me to not only find the place I want to see but it provides a map indicating exactly how I get there. I love how it tracks my coordinates so that if I want to find a bank, I simply turn on this app and it shows me where all of the nearest banks are location and how to find them. In addition, each bank is listed with phone numbers, websites, etc. How does AroundMe make me more creative? I can find art museums, design shops and many other things that I may have missed otherwise when I’m traveling by the tap of a button. Genius! More information about this app here.

3. Pocketbooth. $0.99. Okay, this is just plain FUN. This app allows you to create those tacky photo booth strips of 4 images but it’s so much fun to use. I find it particularly fun at parties — it’s like having a portable photo booth with you where ever you go. You can also email them, publish on Facebook, send to Twitter and more so your friends can feel like they’re with you as you’re making a total fool of yourself at a party. :) You can also save the photo strip and when you get home and upload the image, you can post them on your blog. More about Pocketbooth here.

4. Martha Stewart Cookies. $4.99. I love this Martha Stewart app for baking cookies. The “cookie runway” as she calls it is so much fun to scroll through. This app shows you photos of bunches of cookies all shot in that gorgeous signature Marta way, so that alone is inspiring. The recipes are great, there is a list of ingredients provided for each, you can add ingredients to your shopping list, and you can email the recipes to your friends or post it on Facebook. The only negative for me living over here in Germany at the moment, is that all of these yummy cookie recipes are shown in USA measurements and metric conversions are not available. For those of us living in other parts of the world, this can be difficult but perhaps they’ll update this app with a metric option. Please! Learn more about this app here.

5. Etsy Lovers. $0.99. This app is a lot of fun for when you are looking for inspiration or to shop for handmade products – or both! Using this on the go, you can browse and search products, view treasuries, visit shops access all your favorites, create galleries and wish lists and share them with friends by email, Twitter and Facebook. Here is a link so you can learn more about it.

6. Instagram. Free. This photo taking, sharing + post processing app allows you to apply any one of 15 different filters to your photos and share them (Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous, & Facebook) on the go. The “toaster” filter is a person favorite. Learn more about this app here.

7. PictureShow. $1.99. This photo app allows you to post process your photos on the go in some very creative, advanced ways that I love playing around with. Noir and Calm are two of my favorites. You can edit color, add text, crop, add special effects, and add borders to your images. When you are finished, you can save them and share via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Blogger, email or save to the camera roll on your iPhone so you can upload it to your computer later on. More about this app here.

What app inspires you and helps you to beef up your creativity?

(image: holly becker for real simple magazine)