Help! What’s the Best Vacuum for Dealing with Pet Hair?

March 22, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

Since it’s spring, it officially means that it’s time for a change in my living situation. (Well, not officially, but it seems to be my pattern lately.) This time I’m not moving apartments, but I will be getting a new roommate. And this roommate comes with a furry friend that goes by the name of Coconut.

I’ve never lived with a cat before. My family had standard poodles growing up, meaning we didn’t have the shedding issues that normally come with pets. And now I’m stumped on what kind of vacuum to buy. I know it needs to have a hose to be able to vacuum the furniture, but after that I’m clueless.


So I’m throwing out the question to those of you that have cats, what is the best vacuum for dealing with their hair? 


(photo by Formula Z/S for Real Simple)