Reader Question: Easy Ideas for Decorating Your Office Space

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Last week we got a question from a reader via Twitter. (Did you know you can follow us on Twitter? Check us out: @Real_Simple.) Jeanne (aka @jahastings) wanted ideas for decorating her office on a budget. So, I pulled together some ideas (including a few from my office here at Real Simple).




First up, Jeanne mentioned that her walls were bare. My immediate thought is to start browsing Etsy for inexpensive prints and posters that you can hang on the walls. Here are some of the shops I would start with:



Most of her prints are under $20. This is the one I have in my office:



Strawberry Luna

She has the sweetest series of alphabet prints as well as some amazing concert posters.






I love these type based prints, which are also completely affordable. 




If none of these shops strike your fancy, try using PicClick to easily browse art prints. (Find out more about how PicClick works on our Simple Tip blog.)


Even if you aren't allowed to hang framed artwork on your walls, you can still have art in your office. I've actually turned my whiteboard, which I never use as a whiteboard, into a faux gallery wall. Take a look: 


I've used postcards, pages from catalogs, and a few scattered letterpress prints to create an easily-changeable art display in my office.


Second, add plants! Even when I had a cubicle I still had a plant in my workspace. (My boss at the time was nice enough to let my plant live in her office on the weekends so it got some sun.)


If you don't have that option, opt for plants that will survive in low-light. The perfect fit is the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia).


It is a relatively low maintenance plant and will survive with very low light levels for long periods. And you only have to water it once every two weeks. (You can buy it directly from Amazon or check your local garden center.)


Other plants to look into: Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema) and cast-iron plant (Aspidistra elatior). Or consider a terrarium is you have a fair amount of light.


Finally, fun office supplies. Instead of hitting up the supply closet for everything you need, add a few extra touches of your own. Like fun pens or pencils. Or some of these other touches:


Twiggy Pencil Cup from the Container Store, $8


(PS- The Container Store is actually having their Work Smart Office Sale right now. It goes through March 27th.)


Animal Tape Dispensers from See Jane Work, $12.50 (I'm partial to the chicken for some reason.)



Ikea Dokument Letter Tray, $8



Origami Sticky Notes from Perpetual Kid, $4



And if you want still more decorating ideas that you can adapt to your office, check out our slide show of 20 Low-Cost Decorating Ideas.


Do you have any suggestion for Jeanne on how she can inexpensively decorate her office?