Clutter Rehab: Great New Book!

March 11, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

Streamlined closets, a desk without endless piles of paperwork, an electronic filing system, weekly menu plans… if all of this sounds great in theory but enormously overwhelming to implement then it’s time you checked yourself in to rehab for a little clutter detox! Rehab? Detox? Huh? Disorganized Debbie’s and Frazzled Fiona’s everywhere can pick up a copy of Clutter Rehab and start cleansing your interiors (your home at least) right away.


This compact and to-the-point book arrived in my mailbox this week and I’ve already read through it and started to make some changes in my own life and it really works – I’m digging out from clutter and becoming more organized in just a few days after putting some of the tips in Clutter Rehab to use. Author Laura Wittmann, who is the founder and editor of Org Junkie, is a self-proclaimed “organizing freak” who lives and works in Kitiman, BC, Canada, with her husband and children.

I must confess, usually women like Laura intimate me because I battle with staying on top of domestic tasks and home organization, so I wondered if her book would make me give up before I even got started since many organizing books, odd to say, make me feel completely stressed out. Perfect housewives can intimidate even the best of us. Laura is different. She doesn’t come across as bossy, preachy, fussy, or over-the-top. I think her book will resonate with lots of Real Simple readers because the information is presented clearly and in quick bites, and her tips are very easy to implement.

Clutter Rehab can help turn a chaotic home into a well-organized, relaxed environment in no time with 101 quick solutions that have been, “tested and approved by the loyal readers of the author’s popular blog.” It offers a plan to tidy up rooms and take on (and manage) clutter. There are even ideas on how to make clean up fun for kids, I particularly liked the daily “walkabout” tip, which is on page 25. This is when, once daily, you let everyone know that it is, “Time For a Walkabout!” which means it’s time for everyone to walk through the house and pick up anything that is stray or out of place and put it back where it belongs. My husband and I don’t have children but we started doing this a few days ago and it has already worked wonders. And this is just one great tip, there are 100 more!

In addition to having 101 tips, I love its small, portable size! This book measures around 5 x 7″ and has only 128 which makes it idea for tossing in your bag to read during a morning commute or in the park. I’m definitely going to finish reading it this weekend and introduce more of Laura’s awesome organizing ideas in my own home.

I’m so glad I found out about Clutter Rehab — I’ve officially checked in and I’m ready to cleanse my unruly closet and messy desk drawers. AND I plan to start reading Laura’s blog, Org Junkie, going forward because I hadn’t heard of it before and now that I know Laura through her book I’m sure I’ll enjoy her blog too.

Congratulations Laura on your new book!

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