Welcome to March’s Book Club!

February 24, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

Hi, everyone! I'm Kathleen Harris, the managing editor of RealSimple.com. My job is to make sure that the website keeps producing great new stories and features (like the No-Obligation Book Club) for you, our devoted audience. So if you ever want to let me know how we're doing, don't hesitate to e-mail me at kathleen_harris@realsimple.com.

Back to the books: I had such a good time leading the discussion in November 2009, when we read The Art of Racing in the Rain. I'm pretty sure that this month's winner, Room, will also be great fodder for conversation. Deputy Editor Maura Fritz just lent me her Kindle to read it, which will be a first for me (how unwebby of me, right?). 

So let's get reading. Why don't we tackle the first 100 pages, chapters Presents and Unlying, by Friday, March 4. Until then, I hope you enjoy!

P.S.: I know it was a very tight race for the winner—but for those of you who voted for Henrietta Lacks, don't fret. We'll be sure to include it as a contender for a later book club pick.