What I Like: Home Tours On Blogs

February 23, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

I love a good home tour. I remember when I was little I would frequently ask my mom if we could take a night walk so we could see inside of people’s homes as we strolled. I know, funny to admit that publicly but I swear I wasn’t a little stalker or a peeping Tom, I just loved seeing how people decorated their homes and I was only 8 years old! It’s funny how this fascination stuck with me for life and today I’m still curious about how people live and work and yes, I still take night walks (this time with my husband) and I still look into windows as I stroll, from the sidewalk, and enjoy seeing how others decorate. That is why blogs that feature home tours of “real” homes that are pretty much shown “as is” really interests me. Tons of blogs have them including my own, but Apartment Therapy has some great ones, they have a very diversified selection from all over the country… Here are a very favorite rooms with links to where you can find information about the homeowners and the complete house tour. Enjoy!


Zoe & Nick’s Cozy One Bedroom, Boston, MA. What I love: Yellow dresser. White chair with yellow fabric. Built-in cabinet in the dining room.


Dana & JB’s Single Family Home, Milton, MA. What I like: Layout, color scheme, map over dresser.


Emily Schuman’s Modern Rustic Home in Los Angeles, California. What I like: Built in bookcase and that it continues below the window. I also love the shelf of globes.


Jennifer & Nello’s Hunter/Gatherer Home in Long Beach, CA. What I like: Mirror, horse portraits, yellow and white dresser used as a buffet.


Nelly & Samuel’s Australian Beach Home in Watermans Bay, Western Australia. What I like: That gorgeous white living room with the dark floors and those gorgeous old windows and the beautiful lamp to the right of the sofa on the flea market style table. I adore that linen shade. The pendant in the room must cast beautiful shadows on the walls at night for a Moroccan vibe. Drool.


Erin & Ben’s Cliff May Modern in Dallas, Texas. What I like: The blue hall table – fab! The chair is lovely too. The wall color with the crisp white trim is a great high low contrast.


Savannah’s Sophisticated Studio Apartment in West Hollywood, CA. What I like: This cozy nook is wonderful, period. I like everything about it. Skull cushion, fresh wildflowers, wooden round table, fur on seating, art… Very young and fresh.

I think it’s important to note that when you see a photo that you like of a room, try to pinpoint what exactly you like about it as I’ve done above. It really helps you to identify your personal style and also take away some great ideas for decorating your own space.

(images: apartment therapy)