Well Hello Crate & Barrel

February 21, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

Crate & Barrel has a great selection of things for the home currently, including these gorgeous chairs — have you noticed? I'm drooling over the mid century inspired white leather chair with that sleek chrome base because it would look great in my living room. I equally love the cobalt blue trimmed chair shown below, it's traditional yet very modern with that amazing lacquered frame. Whoever designed that honey of a chair was clearly very clever, it's such a hottie.


If you're not looking to have a seat in the living room anytime soon, have you checked out their selection of dining room chairs? I love this look because mixing chairs is all the rage. I bet it's "in style" to have funky mismatched chairs because people are tired of matchy matchy sets and furthermore, most of us cannot afford all 6 or 8 of our dream chairs and I think people just got tired of trying so new rules were made. Why not buy a few of your favorite chairs and then grab a bunch of others from flea markets and stores like C&B and mix them in? I mean, hey it's your home and YOU are in charge of your roost so why not do whatever you like!

By the way, the credenza is lovely, too.


I also LOVE their new sliding door units shown below. These definitely make my pulse quicken because I would love to have them in this long wall in my workroom that is crying out for something to organize my crafty bits in and on.


Here is a Holy Moly moment for ya, a few lovely office chairs that are ergonomic and beautiful. A rare combination in the world of usually horrible looking desk chairs but they do exist!




Ready for a few more of my finds before I wrap up this post? How about the Six-Slot Knife Block, the Morse table lamp, Lanai Placemat/Spring Blossom Napkin or the stunning Marlow Side Chair. I don't like cherry in my home so I'd paint Marlow a lovely pale mint, pale pink, medium gray, sunny yellow or white and make her a one hot little mama! Marlow reminds me of the Mademoiselle chair but a more budget-friendly option – Mademoiselle chairs are shown in THIS PHOTE from the home of By+Fryd who is one of my favorite bloggers with the most gorgeous home… That is how I imagine the Marlow if I bought one. Painted and pale.

Find any instant favorites from C&B for Spring?

(images: crate & barrel)