A Delicious Meatless Chili Recipe

February 17, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

In an effort to be healthier this year, I’ve been cooking and eating a lot more meatless meals. A recent favorite was our White Bean Chili With Jalapeño Bulgur. Like pretty much all of our recipes, this one was simple to make. The cumin and chili powder gave the chili some great spice (I doubled the cumin because I love it so much), and with all the healthy beans and rich tomatoes, I didn’t miss the meat at all.


The bulgur wheat was a nice twist—it’s not a grain I get to cook with very often, and I’m a fan of its nuttiness and texture. Plus, it’s easy to prepare and you can feel good about eating it—it’s a whole grain that’s high in fiber, iron, and folate and has fewer calories and fat than brown rice. I’ve been experimenting a lot with different kinds of grains lately, and I’m really enjoying all the different flavors and textures—quinoa (which is actually a seed but acts like a grain), barley, couscous, bulgur…it’s nice to get out of that pasta-and-rice rut and make something a little more interesting. In this recipe, the bulgur gets jazzed up with some scallions, lemon juice, and chopped jalapeño (though next time I’ll leave the seeds in for more heat). It’s a comforting, filling meal that you won’t fill guilty about eating. Another recipe to add into the rotation!