Go Back in Time with the Top 100s by Year App

February 11, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

Remember how much better the music was when you were growing up? Regardless of when you grew up, the music was just better then, wasn’t it?


Well, you can easily take a trip back to your favorite year with the Top 100s by Year by Bing. Currently free (but even worth the $1.99 when they start charging), this app streams the top 100 songs from each year starting with 2010 and going all the way back to 1947.




Simply select your year, and the songs will shuffle through just like a radio station. There’s an occasional “bing” in between songs, but you tune it out after awhile. You can also easily click through to purchase the song if you come across one you really love.


If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry, you can do the same thing on the site nuTsie  Top 100s Radio. (They are the ones who developed the app for Bing.)


Have you tried this app or website? What year is your favorite to listen to?