My Top 5 Songs For Cleaning House

February 9, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

I took a walk this morning to the local farmers’ market and was so pleased to see daffodils, tulips and signs of spring all around me there. The weather is still cold (high 40s) but the sky is bright blue, the sun is shining and the air is refreshingly crisp. It put me in the mood for spring and to organize and clean my house. Then I started to think about when I would schedule for spring cleaning and decided on Saturday, March 19th. That is my day to clean under the bed, vacuum above all of the doors and in mysterious corners, scrub and wash my balcony, and organize my laundry room and pantry room. Now to figure out how to motivate myself to do it! :)


Do you plan a day each spring to give your home a good cleaning?

Usually I don’t set a date aside but this year I’ve decided to schedule it in so that other things don’t get in the way. A clean, functioning home will support me better than one that is cluttered, disorganized and in need of a good scrubbing so March 19 (and 20th, I may need an extra day) will be my cleaning weekend. It’s also when general repairs will be made (I’ll commission my husband for that, ha ha) and when I’ll pack away winter bedding and clothes and pull out the spring/summer things.


My birthday is on Monday, March 21st so I figure it’s also a good way to start a new year for me as well, to enter a new “age” with a home that feels positive and has good energy.

And now… my question. What are your top 5 songs to clean house by? Here are mine. I thought this would be a fun post and hopefully inspire you to get your home in order AND listen to some good tunes while you do it!

1.N-Trance & The Bee Gees – Staying Alive

2. Aerosmith & Run DMC – Walk This Way

3. Loved Stoned – Justin Timberlake

4. Shock the Monkey – Peter Gabriel

5. We Are The People – Empire of the Sun – Save this for when you are nearly finished and waiting for your floors to dry. :)

In addition to the tunes above, I love listening to 80s music (always motivating) and R&B from artists like Ne-Yo and Michael Jackson.

Now it’s YOUR TURN! What do you clean to???

(images: holly becker)