Repurposed Objects Make Great Organizing and Storage Solutions

February 3, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

110203-rs Some of my favorite organizing and storage materials are repurposed objects. For example, I currently have a jelly jar holding all of my business cards on my desk. My cards are bright orange, and they make me smile whenever I see them. The jar keeps them contained, but visible — a perfect solution for my office.

Repurposed objects are great for organizing and storage because often they're recycled from another area of your home (bye bye, clutter!), and they're free (cha-ching!). These are five objects that have been repurposed in my home:

  1. Toilet paper and paper towel tubes work wonderfully for extension cord and cable storage. You can write on the tube with a marker to help with identification (6" extension cord, USB to USB cable, etc.).
  2. Shoe boxes are perfect for creating kits — First Aid kits, shoe polishing kits, thank you note writing kits. Recycle a brown paper grocery sack or use some wrapping or contact paper to wrap the lid and box up like a present if the design of the shoe box isn't something you enjoy. Label the box well so you know what is inside of it.
  3. Rubbermaid trash cans are used as laundry baskets in our home because they're more sturdy and easier to carry than many traditional laundry baskets (we bought these new for this purpose, I should note). As a result, we use our old laundry baskets as toy storage for things like sports balls and stuffed animals.
  4. A small, old acrylic paint can is used to hold pencils, pens, and the random screw driver in the workbench area of our basement. We didn't even peel the old paint drips off the outside of the can.
  5. A few boxes that bank checks came in have been repurposed as drawer dividers in the bathroom to contain barrettes and bobby pins, pony tail holders, lipstick, spare toothbrushes from the dentist, and other odds and ends. What's nice is that if you need everything in one box, you can just lift it out of the drawer and return it when you're done.

Do you have any repurposed items in your home used for organizing and/or storage? Share your solutions in the comments.