Artist Belinda Kemp + Feeling Creative

January 26, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

I’ve been a fan of Australian mixed media artist Belinda Kemp, also known as Gretchen Mist, for quite awhile now and enjoy watching her develop her style and expand in new areas. I like the current colors she is working with — deep blues, pale mint, sea glass green… her palette really soothes me and her paintings look gorgeous in so many different decors – from a contemporary tract home to an old farmhouse in Vermont.










I love her current body of work — the beads and raindrops along with her fun tents make me happy. I also like her paper garlands (made by recycling print proofs – brilliant!) and mini collages. I am a huge fan of paper garlands, just having one in my own home makes each day feel a little festive. Who needs reason to celebrate? We can celebrate life everyday! I have a garland in my bedroom hanging above and around part of a large mirror that leans against my wall. Waking up to something festive makes me feel like today will be a great day.

Having little things around the home that spark joy and creativity is very important to me. I need these “touch points” as I call them — these areas in my house that I can pass by and instantly feel lifted.

There are so many ways to inject joy into the home. Have you given this much thought? Your favorite artwork, a great iTunes playlist, something that you made (like a cushion or throw), a gorgeous print on a sofa or chair, a tactile and lush rug… What is your touch point, what are the things that help you to feel better and connect back to your real self when you sometimes feel like you’re losing direction, stressed or emotionally feeling a bit down?

If you have time, please visit Belinda’s beautiful blog. You can also visit her Etsy shop to purchase her garlands, mini collages, original paintings and prints. She ships all over the world and accepts PayPal so it is a breeze to shop in her store. Belinda also sells her art on an Australian online gallery store called Udessi. I love that site — it’s so inspiring!

In fact, Udessi has a lovely bio page up about Belinda and I’d like to share a little something from it that speaks of her inspiration, “Finding the internet a helpful source for creative ideas, Belinda also draws inspiration for her artworks in little details or colours from her surroundings, when she is at home or out walking. Flicking through interior design magazines and watching my two little boys create is also very inspiring to me.” Isn’t that nice?

Belinda Kemp’s contemporary pieces of abstract art lift my spirits and make me feel more creative just by looking at them — and feeling creative is a great way to feel. You don’t always have to do something with it, but just to feel it can sometimes be enough. Have you ever thought about that? Do you have some ideas as to why the “feeling” of creativity can sometimes be enough to brighten a dreary day, even if you don’t end up turning the feeling into something tangible? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

(images: belinda kemp and udessi)