One Day, Part 4, Late Thirties [SPOILER ALERT!]

Hi, Bookies:

I have to admit that as much as I wanted Dex and Emma to get together, when it happened I was surprised that they were finally able to admit their feelings and fears, but frankly was more surprised that the two of them seemed to finally grow up. Did anyone else find themselves a bit taken aback that they had matured, or that Emma was as vocal as she was about her fear of Dex hurting her? Or that Dex was willing to make such a grand gesture and travel to fight for Emma?

While I was sad about Emma’s death, I wasn’t all that stunned by it. These two individuals wasted so much time fighting each other and their feelings that it is almost karma that in the end their time together would be so limited.

I knew as I turned the page going into that first anniversary of Emma’s death that Dex was headed for the bottom. I was shocked at how much I dreaded reading how far Dex was falling, considering I spent so much of the book loathing him.

In the last few chapters of the book we see what happened the day after Dex and Emma spent their first night together. I was so excited to see that Dex had chased after Emma, but it saddened me more that they let fear (of admitting how they felt and what they truly wanted) dictate their lives. We also see Dex and Maddy start a relationship and eventually marry. Am I the only one who secretly hoped that Dex would remain single, knowing that he would never love again like he loved Emma?

I wanted to remind everyone that David Nicholls, the author of One Day, will be answering questions from readers, so don’t forget to include questions with your posts. I have two for Mr. Nicholls:

1. At any point did you consider the possibility of Emma and Dex not being together?

2. Was it difficult to write how these characters evolved, considering we have only a glimpse of their lives from one year to the next?

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful comments and for participating in this month’s book club!


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