Help Etsy Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

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Growing up, I was the girl who made her own Valentine's Day cards to take to school. They weren't always perfect or even that inspired, but I enjoyed making them. And this year I'm going to be making some again as part of Etsy's project: Special Delivery Share Your Love 2011.




Etsy is partnering with Citymeals-on-Wheels in New York City to deliver Valentine's Day cards along with their meals on February 14th. So they've put a call out to their sellers and buyers to make or purchase cards to be donated and handed out with the more than 18,000 meals that Citymeals-on-Wheels delivers.


I plan on making a bunch of cards to contribute, and I'll be posting photos of the cards here before I send them in. I'd love to have anyone who is interested join me, and email me your photos so I can post them here on Simply Stated.


All cards must be to Etsy by February 9th. And they do have a list of guidelines to follow, which I've posted below. But be sure to read the post on their blog to get the full directions.


I can't wait to see all the cards that everyone comes up with!


FAQ from Etsy

1. How do I participate in Special Delivery?

There are two ways. Either make or purchase a handmade Valentine's Day greeting card (or several). Please mail them to:

Attn: Adam Brown
55 Washington St.
Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11201


2. When do the cards have to arrive at Etsy?

The deadline is Wednesday, February 9, 2011. This is important!


3. Are there any rules about what the cards should look like?

Yes. Please follow these guidelines, otherwise we can't use your card(s):

  • No glitter! This creates food safety issues.
  • Please make your cards cheerful by using bright colors. You can decorate cards using paint, crayons, markers, pastels, collage or anything else you can think of.
  • Please avoid dark backgrounds and religious symbols.
  • Please write clearly in large print and avoid using the abbreviation “V-day." Please say, “Valentine's Day."
  • You should not give out your address or suggest that the recipients write back to you. Initiating an ongoing correspondence is not appropriate.
  • Please make sure that the cards are appropriate for the intended audience. That is to say, pretend it's for your sweet sweet grandma, not your snarky, angst-ridden teenage brother.


4. How many cards should I send?

As many as you want!


5. Is this open only to Etsy sellers?

Nope. This is open to anyone who wants to help brighten someone's day.


6. Can I send vintage cards?

Sure! The more, the merrier.


7. What's that deadline again?

We need to have all of the cards in our hot little hands by Wednesday, February 9, 2011. Thanks!


(photo by YesJess)