One Day, Part 3: Early Thirties

Hi, Bookies:

I was pleased to see that most of us had hoped that the scene on the street was Dex’s low point. None of us could tolerate much more of a downward spiral.

I was surprised that Dex would get involved with someone as “straitlaced” as Sylvie. Sylvie was somewhat controlling, but I do feel like her control came from a good place—she wanted Dex to clean up his life. But I kept thinking that if Dex wanted to be with someone who was pushing for him to be a better person, why not be with Emma?

I may be overthinking this, but I felt like Dex and Emma getting lost in the maze at the wedding was symbolic of their relationship. These two never can quite find their way, and here they are talking about their struggles and the journey while trying to find their way through that maze.

The one thing that I struggle with is that these two folks really had only one night together. I wonder if whether they may have over-romanticized that night and the people they used to be. Is what they remember and what they hang on to even attainable? Are they perhaps just following the “idea” of what may have been as opposed to the reality? What do you think?

Now, I have some great news to share: One Day author David Nicholls has agreed to take questions from you Bookies, so start thinking about what you want to ask him. You can post your questions here next week, when we conclude our discussion with Part 4. See you then!


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