Organize Your Decorating Ideas With Pinterest

January 17, 2011 | By | Comments (9)

It’s a new year and no doubt you have many projects to take on at home but how do you stay organized when it comes to your finds? I’m decorating a few rooms in my apartment currently and have found Pinterest to be enormously helpful in this regard. What is Pinterest? When I joined, I asked the same question as I wasn’t really clear how yet another community-based cataloging site would help me. I am a blogger afterall, can’t I just blog when I find something I like? Plus, I’ve tried FFFFound, We Heart It, Polyvore, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and a bevy of other sites that have the same end goal in mind: to help you organize images on the web for free.

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Truth is, Pinterest isn’t much different — like the others, it provides a place for you to organize your finds online and has been called the application that sits somewhere in between a site like We Heart It and Tumblr. But it’s not. It’s better. In a nutshell, Pinterest is a social cataloging service that also allows you to invite your friends, share the “pinboards” that you create according to themes that you pick, and it even allows you to comment on what your friends have pinned, which is a feature I particularly am fond of because you get to have a little human interaction now and then. You also can only view content from people you know and follow, not the entire world (like We Heart It) so if you aren’t interested in all of the questionable “adult” content that some of these other sites will show you and truly want to see only beautiful things that you want to see, then Pinterest is the site for you.

Pinterest is a visual tool, you don’t have to give your pins lengthy descriptions, often just a word will do, so if you are not a writer and the thought of maintaining a blog scares you then perhaps Pinterest would be a fun space to play in.

Overall, I love Pinterest and find it to be extremely helpful and addicting. My only note to Pinterest users is to please add tags to your images that include the source of the image and/or the name of the artist, photographer, designer, etc. if you know it. It is only fair to give credit to those who are responsible for the sources of your inspiration, right?

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When it comes to decorating ideas, you can organize them easily using Pinterest. Simply open a free account by clicking on Request An Invite and install the Pin It tool into your browser toolbar and start pinning and sharing. Create a variety of pinboards — you could try creating one called “Living Room Inspiration”, “Paint Colors I Like”, “Wallpaper I Like” etc. This helps you to keep all of your decorating options in one place and also to see them all together can be a real asset and help you to weed out what doesn’t work. You will start to recognize themes in your interests, which can be quite helpful in pulling together a look for the room that you’re working on.

I hope you try, and enjoy, Pinterest. Let me know what you think if you are using it because I’d be curious to know whether or not it is helping you with your decorating ideas or not.

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