Totally Cute Tote Bags!

January 12, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

Confession: I'm obsessed with tote bags. I have between 12 to 15. Eek!


There, I said it. Not that it's something to be ashamed of. However, I do admit it's a bit excessive. But, I see my tote bags as yet another way to express my individuality (there are so many styles/designs to choose from). Plus, they are a perfect example of "function meets fashion."


I love that tote bags aren't just for the gym, library and grocery shopping anymore. Obviously, these are still amazing places to use them…but I'm noticing more "serious" styles popping up that are made with materials like leather and wool. In fact, the bag I have been carrying to work on the weekend is just that…leather, wool and all-around fabulous!


It's made by Graf & LantzWhat do you think? Chic, right?




Here are some more totes I have my eye on (the collection continues)…

Maptote, $17-$37

These simple cotton totes are super fun and personalized by "hood!" Find your city/town and start representing in a very fashionable way.



Claire Viver, $160-$230

Timeless, chic and made in the USA…all amazing reasons to invest.




Das Monk, $35

Don't you love these whimsical bags that turn objects and things into letters? Here are my initials…



Anya Hindmarch, $120

This is deemed the "Homework" bag– and it's so cute, bringing work home never looked so good!


Utitlity Canvas, $78

These bags have been the talk of town since the Brooklyn company's beginning in 1990–and they come in an array of vibrant colors!


Happy toting!