Which Do You Prefer to Write With: Pens or Pencils?

January 12, 2011 | By | Comments (1)



Ever since we were allowed to make the switch in late grade school from pencil to pen for our homework, I've stuck almost exclusively with pens. But lately there are some things that are just better in pencil (like my ever-morphing to-do list.)


So, because I'm an office supply addict, I started a search for pretty pencils to have on my desk (and a few new pretty pens for good measure).




See Jane Work Basics Pencils, $7 for 12 pencils



Stay Classy Silver Pencils from Earmark on Etsy, $6 for 6 pencils

(I would love it if Earmark did custom orders. These pencils would be even better in gold. Check out the rest of the shop for equally fantastic engraved pencils.)



Pencil Tips from Schooled, $5 for 5 pencils

(Perfect for any graphic designers you know!)



Iomoi Solid Pencils, $12 for 14 pencils (These also come in bright pink, orange, yellow, sky blue, navy, kelly green, pale pink, grey, black, and gold.)



Pencil Set from Russell + Hazel, $35 for the leather case and 4 bejeweled pencils (Also comes in black and gold.)


And now for the pens:


Iomoi-goldpens-zigzag Iomoi-goldpencils-bamboo

Iomoi Gold Pens in Zig Zag and Bamboo, $20 for 14 pens (choose between the patterns)



Seven Year Pen from See Jane Work, $8 each (They have enough ink inside to last for seven years, hence the name.)



Le Pens from See Jane Work, $20 for 8 pens in assorted colors. (You can also buy individual colors from Paper Source.)


Don't forget to tell me in the comments below which you prefer: pens or pencils. And a little bonus: Try this activity to see what your handwriting says about you!