Pretty and Useful Makeup Bags, Help Me Choose One

January 7, 2011 | By | Comments (0)


My makeup area usually looks like a hurricane went through it (see example below). So I've finally decided I need to invest in a beautiful bag to put all the products that make me look put together on a daily basis. I need to take better care of those magic wands!





I've scoured the web for a make up bag that would be perfect for my (little) shelf and will help me not only fit my cosmetics, but organize them. Help me choose from my top choices!


These are my 3 favorites:


If I want to splurge, I've fallen in love with the stylish gold and white strips and the mini-bags. This Trina bag would match the other bags I have and would help declutter my shelf, while creating easy storage.



To buy: $70,



If I want to be practical, this Target brand bag will not only fit everything inside the large bag but it also includes the airport size friendly tubes. Perfect for a last minute getaway!



To buy: $24,


If I want to be eco-friendly and chic, this Ecotools hemp cosmetic bag has a beautiful floral design and the smaller bags on the inside also pop out. Simple, useful and pretty to look at!


To buy: $15.99,


Which one should I choose? What do you use to hold your make-up products? Please share your solutions!