Kick-Start Your New Year: Organize Your Recipes

January 5, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

Another goal that came up a couple of times when we asked what you wanted help with in 2011 was getting your recipes organized. While this is more of an on-going task instead of a 10-minute task, the payoff—not having to hunt for that mouth-watering chicken soup recipe—is worth it.




Create an index


If you have a collection of cookbooks and food magazines, take a cue from the library and index them. The next time you make your favorite recipe, jot down these three things:


  • the name of the recipe
  • the name of the book it came from
  • the page number it's on


You can also add any notes about what you liked or didn't like about the recipe or whom you served it to (a great way to avoid repeating meals with frequent guests). Then file the card in a recipe box by the type of dish.


Recipeboxset-fiercemally-etsy Recipe Box Set by FierceMally on Etsy, $50


The same thing can apply to recipes you've clipped from magazines as well. Slip the cut-out pages into sheet protectors and store them in 3-ring binders by type of dish. Then add your own page numbers using small labels stuck to the sheet protector. And you can index those recipes by which binder they are in.


If you prefer to do things digitally, you can also create a searchable index of your recipes by noting the same information in a spreadsheet.


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