12 Great Photos To Frame

December 29, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

Would you like to see some beautiful photographs for under $55 (most of them are around $25) that you can frame and put in your home for the new year? I have off this week, which has been wonderful by the way, and one thing I find myself doing a lot of is shopping online (sorry, husband!). While browsing for pretty things, I started to notice a theme — I’m collecting lots of great photographs and adding them to my wish list, all are from Etsy shops, so I thought I’d quickly round up 12 great photos for the new year that certainly can bring in a beautiful feeling of peace, joy and hope for an even better year ahead!


Above is a glimpse of the 12 that I’d like to share with you today… Below you can see the full view, price, seller name and of course the name of the print and a link to it. I hope that you enjoy my picks!


1. Keep Calm & Carry On by MaGallerie, $20. I ordered this one! :)


2. How Peculiar by AL Photography, $30.


3. Paper Lanterns by Honeytree (who happens to be having a huge BOGO sale right now), $28.


4. Paris in White, a fine art photo collection, by Little Brown Pen, $38


5. Blue Paris by Alicia Bock, $35.


6. Pretty in Pink, mini print set of 3, by 74 Lime Lane, $3.


7. Brown & Gold by Miles of Light, $25.


8. Looking for Love by IS Photography, $17.


9. A Sort of Dream by Bucks County Frames, $53


10. Nostalgia by Leaping Gazelle, $20.


11. The Breakfast by SLG Designs, $15.


12. Bread Making by Marina Porter, $25.

Any photos above that you would like to display in your home? Any photographers that you follow and currently own the work of? I’d love to know… Feel free to leave a comment below with a link to your favorite photographers! :)

See you on Friday!

(images: linked to their sources above.)