Reader Q&A: How to Find a Natural Blush Color

December 16, 2010 | By | Comments (0)


Hope everyone is having a good week, so far! About a month ago, we asked what your biggest beauty problems/dilemmas were. Some of you wondered how to solve dry hands and others asked about how to find the best mascara.


One reader asked a question that hit close to home for me—how to find a natural looking blush that wouldn’t wash her out during these sunless months. I recently solved this dilemma for myself, so I was excited that I could pass on my latest trick! 


The Answer: Blush Bronzer Duos. They might look a little scary, with all the combination of colors, but take your every day blush brush and swirl the colors together to get a natural glowing rosy look. Do allow for a little shimmer in this area; it will brighten up dull winter skin!


Here are some of my favorites (including the one I use every morning)!

TooFaced                   CF intermix

Caribbean in a Compact (Snow Bunny Shade)                         Fusion Soft Lights (Intermix Shade)

To Buy: $28,                                                     To Buy: $30,


The one in my makeup bag… Benefit Sugarbomb To Buy: $28,





What other make up questions are on your minds? Smoky eyes, eyeliners? Let me know what you want to read about!


Until next time! Happy Holidays :)