Swimming in Surplus Linens

December 14, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

Towels, washcloths, bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets can move into your linen closet and take up permanent residency. I once believed that these fabrics had the ability to reproduce, because how else could there be so many of them? The reality is that you hold onto them for those just-in case moments — What if, one day, you need old towels to clean the car or you get a twin bed or you have a houseful of guests and need all the contents of the linen closet at once? What then?!

I agree holding onto one or two old towels might be a good idea and maybe a single flat sheet, but these ratty towels and sheet should be stored with cleaning supplies or home repair items and not in your linen closet. However, I don’t agree with keeping a closet full of just-in case items when you wouldn’t even use the just-in case items in those situations.

For example, if you have a home full of house guests, you’re not going to put sheets with holes and stains on guest beds and inflatable mattresses. Be honest, you will buy new or borrow good sheets from friends before you feel comfortable displaying your shoddy linens. The same is true for frayed towels and washcloths.

To clear the clutter from your linen closet, donate the following items to your local animal shelter:

  1. All damaged and/or worn linens.
  2. Sheets that do not fit any mattresses in your home.
  3. Any linen you don’t feel represents the life you desire.

Before donating your cluttered linens to your local animal shelter, give the shelter a call to determine that they have a need for your gift. Local stables, animal rescues, and kennels might also be interested in your cast-off linens.