Red Lipstick: So Many Shades! How Do You Choose?

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Hi, ladies!


As the latest addition to the Real Simple beauty team, I'm very excited to have an opportunity to share beauty triumphs and woes. Although I'll be giving you insights on trends and how-tos, I want to hear about your regimens and personal tips, too. I'm looking forward to reading your feedback today (and in future posts). If you're interested in learning a little more about me, check out my bio.


With all these holiday parties, sometimes I find it fun to experiment when it comes to make up. If you're anything like me, my daily routine includes lip balm and (sometimes, but rarely) a lip stain. But when I feel like dressing up or adding something snazzy to my little black dress combo, a bold lipstick is my perfect accessory.


We've covered the easy how-tos for actually wearing red lips, but there are so many shades to pick from—do you ever feel overwhelmed? I know I do! I did some research and tried to break it down for all of us….


Fair Complexions: If your skin has pink undertones, find a true red color. You don't need to lean on the berry or tangerine shades. Try L’Oréal Paris's (appropriately named) Real Red.


To buy: $8.49,


Olive Complexions: If you have yellow undertones or olive coloring, pick more orangey or tangerine colors. This slight tint difference, which might seem minimal, will complement your skin tone better. One to try is Urban Decay Lipstick in Palest Peach.

Urban DecayTo buy: $22,



Darker Complexions: With dark tones, steer toward burgundy or berry pigments. Don't go too dark—the color shouldn't blend—but stay reddish enough so it will give a pop of color. Try Tarte's Revive lipstick shade.

Vitamin Infused Lipstick REVIVETo buy: $22,




What do you like to wear daily? I know when I was growing up, my mom never left the house without lipstick on (she still doesn't!). Tell me about your lip color habits.


Until next time!


P.S.: For tips on application, take a look at this video for the perfect way to apply your lip color, smudge-free every time!