Last Minute Holiday Decor Ideas

Christmas is less than two weeks away and for some reason this year I feel WAY behind. Aside from not having any decor up yet, not one item has been checked off of my gift shopping list. It's all one big mess, but I'm determined to get it all together within the next few days. Aside from having my halls decked in time for the holidays I want to actually spend an equal amount of time enjoying the decor as I did putting it together. So, for my fellow last minute decorators, here's a roundup of quick decor ideas for anyone else who is in the same late decorating boat that I'm in. 


Easy Wreath

Wrap a foam circle in festive yarn and hide the loose end with pretty ribbon for easy, shed-free door decor.

Yarn Wreath

Image courtesy of The Constant Gatherer

Unconventional Trees

Turn scrap-booking paper into table top decor by folding each sheet into a cone and taping it closed on the inside. At night, try sliding a battery operated tea light candle under each for pretty illumination.

Tree Cones
Image courtesy of Midwest Living

Jar Fillers

Of course one of my all time favorite quick decor options are jar fillers. Pile brightly colored ornaments into retro apothecary jars and stage them around the house.


Image courtesy of The Yellow Cape Cod


Tree Trim

If digging up your tree ornaments String spools of ribbon on thread and use the strands as tree trimmings. Jewel toned ribbons words well for the holidays.

Image courtesy of Valley Catholic

Freeze Frame

Gather up simple or ornate frames (gold is great for the season) and stick a piece of holiday wrapping paper in each. Place the frames on mantels, console tables, or hang them in an entryway. When the seasons over you can always swap out the paper with seasonal fabric.

Image courtesy of Penny Luxe