How To Make Paper Moons and Stars from Paper + Craft Event

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Happy Monday, everyone!

Last week, I posted about the Paper + Craft event thrown by Minhee & Truman Cho of Paper + Cup in Brooklyn over the weekend, and I’m happy to report that I have a full step by step to share with you on the craft that they were demonstrating.

First things first, I owe a huge thank you to my friend and co-worker Amy Feezor (whom you might remember from our Holiday Pop-Up Shop blog) for coming along and taking all the fantastic photos for this post.

Here’s what we were making:


And without further ado, the steps:


1. Start with 4 to 8 pieces of tissue paper. If you’re making a multi-colored one like I did, stack your paper in alternating colors, with the right side facing up.


2. Accordion fold the paper. Each fold should be about 1 1/4 inches wide.



3. & 4. Gather the folded paper in the middle and loosely tie a length of string around it. We used baker’s twine similar to this. Leave just a little bit of a tail on one end, and long one on the other. Then slide the knot to the folded edge.


5. Trim both ends of your folded paper. I chose to make mine rounded, but you can do pointed, or V-shaped—whatever suits your fancy.


6. Fan out the two sides of folded paper. Trim anything that looks messy. You might also have to trim between the folds depending on how deep your designs are.


7. Now it’s time to open up your tissue paper ball. Carefully take each piece and pull it away from the stack, fluffing it up as you go along. Try not to crumple the paper, but just separate it from the stack.


8. Minhee gave me a hand getting everything separated and fluffed.


9. Here’s my final product! It’s not quite as pretty as the ones that Minhee and Randi Brookman Harris (who was the stylist for the book and the event) made for display, but this was my first one. I have faith I’ll only get better.

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(all photos by Amy Feezor)