How Do You Show You’re Thankful?

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away now, and we wanted to kick off the spirit of gratitude a little bit early, by asking you to share what you’re thankful for (and how you show it) this year.


Here’s what some of our editors are thankful for this year:


“I got to spend two days in Rome with my mom, who is nearly 80 years old and had never been there before. Seeing the city through her eyes made it exciting, and seeing it with her made it very special.”
— Maura Fritz, deputy editor


“I’m thankful for the love of my life realizing that we can’t live without each other and putting a ring (or in this case…bracelet) on it! I can’t wait to share all my love for him and our family and friends at the wedding. I love…love!”
— Julee Wilson, staff fashion editor Real Simple

“I’m thankful that my 99-year-old grandma is still around to tell everyone what to do!”
— Kathleen Harris, managing editor

“I’m thankful for video chatting because it enables me to see my sister almost whenever I want, even though she lives on the other side of the country. Plus we get to practice making funny faces at each other.”
— Kristin Appenbrink, associate editor


“I’m thankful for my dog Normandy. Her utter excitement to see me each night when I get home from work makes me forget all the stresses of the day and reminds me of the importance of loved ones (even of the animal variety) in our lives.”
— Ashley Tate, staff editor Real Simple


“I’m thankful for another year of fabulous eats and drinks, good friends old and new, safe and inspiring travels, and a happy and healthy family. This year I’m also especially thankful for air conditioners (after our incredibly hot summer), a bedbug-free apartment (knock wood), and a new job (here at Real Simple!).”
— Maggie Shi, deputy editor,


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