Would You Order a Coffee Cocktail?

November 11, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

At this very moment as I'm typing this, the main article on the NYTimes.com homepage is about a new trend in a handful of New York City bars: coffee cocktails (why this is front-page-worthy news, I’m not sure. It even has a featured video). We’re not talking about your typical Irish coffee here—there’s nothing loaded down with sugar or covered in whipped cream and maraschino cherries. Instead, these drinks include top-shelf bourbon and brandy, house-made syrups, and sustainable, carefully sourced coffee. Some are served hot, some are cold, and for now, they’re mostly being served during the day (though the article speculates nighttime service is soon to follow).



I’m not likely to ever order one of these cocktails. I’m not opposed to an after-dinner spiked coffee drink in lieu of dessert, mind you—I see nothing wrong with ending an old-school Italian meal with an espresso and a shot of Sambuca, and I actually do love an occasional Bailey’s on the rocks when I want something sweet but don’t want to order dessert (ok, I’m skipping the coffee entirely here, but it’s a similar idea). But I’m generally not a big coffee drinker; it tends to make me a little crazy or gives me headaches. I’ll just stick to tea, thanks.


However, most people I know are coffee addicts and claim they can’t get though the day without a few cups. So I could see how this trend could catch on—combining your post-work happy hour with your daily Starbucks run seems like a sensible way to streamline your life, no? Why hit up two places when you can get your drink on and your caffeine fix at the same spot? What do you think—would you order coffee cocktails?


(image: NYTimes.com)