The Postmistress: Part Two

November 11, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

Based on all of your comments from last week, we all got off to a bit of a rocky start in terms of getting into the storyline. Hopefully, all you're all intrigued now that we've moved on to the real meat of the story.


I'm curious to know what you think of each of the characters now that we've seen how they react to everything life throws at them. I love seeing the interaction between Iris and Emma—you can tell that Iris feels almost protective of Emma with Will away in London. What do you make of Will giving Iris the letter for Emma to be delivered if he dies while in London? What do you think the letter says?


I continue to love how Sarah Blake transitions from Frankie's story back to the women in Franklin. I was especially moved by Iris's reaction to Frankie's broadcast about the people of London being heros—how Frankie has now redefined the nature of a hero in Iris's mind.


Will seems to thrive once he gets to London. Yes, he's exhausted, but he also feels like he has a purpose. Do you think he finally feels as though he's atoning for Maggie's death? What is your reaction to his statement that his life didn't matter until he moved to London? What does that mean for Emma?


I think we probably all knew that it was coming, that Frankie and Will were destined to meet in London. What did you think of their interaction in the shelter? It seems to me as if they understood each other, but were still at odds.


Then of course, there's Will's death. The suddenness of it took me by surprise. Based on the letter that Will left for Iris, I didn't necessarily expect for him to make it home from London, but I didn't expect him to die like that. I empathized with Frankie's need to tell his story, and was frustrated that there ended up not being a story to tell. At least not immediately following the accident. Why do you think Sarah Blake wrote Will's death the way she did? And what do you think will happen to Emma, who is now pregnant, back in Franklin? And why do you think Frankie continues to hold on to Will's last letter to Emma?


Finally, to Frankie's travels around the continent. The stories here and how personally she took everything was so moving to me. I really admire Frankie's need to tell the story of the Jewish people trying to make their way across Europe. Which of the people that she met resonated with you the most? By the time this section closes, Murrow urgently wants Frankie to return to London, and Frankie is getting very discouraged because she doesn't even know if people are hearing her reports. What do you think will happen when she returns to England?


For next Thursday, we'll finish the book. I, for one, am eager to return to Franklin in the last part, and find out if Emma knows about Will, and see how she reacts.


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