An Escape from Work and Life

November 5, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

For the last few years, the first weekend of November has been reserved for our annual Manic Mommies getaway, fondly known as The Escape. It’s no mistake that we decided to call it that. It’s exactly what the weekend is designed to be: an opportunity for listeners of our weekly podcast to indulge themselves in whatever it is they want to do. Whether it’s shopping, dining, spa treatments, a long over due run or just sleeping in, we try to keep the weekend agenda purposefully light while still offering a few structured activities and opportunities to meet new women.

Going on the Escape is exciting.  While I am always happy to meet listeners of our show (hey, people actually do listen to us!) I am even more thrilled by the camaraderie and support that bubbles up over the two days. And yet I continue to be surprised by the number of women who will pull me aside to say, “Thank you for giving me a reason to get away. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise!”


I am a fan of getaways. Girlfriend getaways and weekends away with the spouse (although I tend to do more of the former and less of the latter due to child care issues) rank high on my list of soul-nourishing activities. I think women should do more of this! It’s easy to find an excuse not too. Too busy, not enough money, one more thing to plan. I get that. Really, I do. But if we don’t make it a priority for ourselves, no one else will. It’s unlikely your spouse or partner is going to come out of the blue and say, “Hey, Babe. I’ve been thinking. You should plan a getaway for yourself and leave me at home with the kids.”

It’s unlikely your boss is going to encourage you to take the day off to recharge your batteries.

But we need to. You need to. Ask yourself when the last time you took a weekend off from work and life was. Where did you go? What did you do? Did you lounge around reading the paper in bed and while drinking a hot cup of coffee? Or were you on an obligatory trip that included visiting relatives.

This weekend, we have a number of workshops planned. The two most popular? “How to Run Your Days So They Don’t Run You” and “Speaking Your Truth.” I think the popularity of these workshops say so much about the state of working moms today. Even more proof of why an Escape should be on every woman’s to-do list.

Planning a weekend away is not difficult if you split the work among friends. Look for deals online. Go off-season to popular destinations. Hide out in a hotel nearby if you can. The important thing is to start planning your next Escape today.

You’ll be so very glad you did.