The Postmistress: Part One

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Happy Thursday, bookies!


I hope you're enjoying The Postmistress so far; I was intrigued based solely on the introduction penned by Frances Bard. Maybe I'm showing how rooted I am in the digital age here, but I didn't feel the same kind of outrage over the idea of someone not delivering a letter—at least I wouldn't in this day and age. But maybe that's because most of the mail I get consists of bills, and I know that if one failed to arrive there would be another one shortly behind it. Plus, there's about a million other ways to get in touch with me (phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Did you have the same kind of reaction I did, or did you react like the characters in the book?


Once the story gets started, we meet our three main characters in pretty quick succession, and they all seem to have a completely different perspective on life. What are your first impressions of these characters? Is there one that you identify with more than the others?


So far I really love Frankie's part of the story. I'm especially fascinated by the transcripts of her radio broadcasts. The descriptions really make me able to picture the scenes about which she is reporting. But I can't quite tell where her story is going to go yet.


I find Emma a bit frustrating because how naive she is, but I feel bad that her new husband has gone off so quickly after they got married. What do you think will happen with Will and Emma? Do you think he's running because he can't deal with the fact that he wasn't able to save Maggie? Do you think he'll make it back from London?


And finally Iris. I don't know what to think about Iris yet. I feel like we haven't gotten the full picture of her. We know that she's the one who holds onto a letter instead of delivering it, but we don't know much more than that. Based on her character so far, I feel like she must have had a pretty good reason for not delivering that one piece of mail, but I'm curious to know what that reason is.

I'll also be interested to learn how all three of these lives intertwine. Right now, it's obvious how Iris and Emma are connected, but I don't know how Frankie will come to know them. Maybe she'll just stay as the voice on the radio. But then how would she come to know about Iris and the letter? Anyone care to make any guesses?


For next week, we'll read from Winter 1941 up to Summer 1941. Until then, bookies!


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