Halloween Costumes for Pets?

October 31, 2010 | By | Comments (1)

There, I’ve asked the question, and all my friends with no pets can wonder where my head is and all my friends with pets can clamor for more information.

But first, a picture, of Mr. Finn in his Halloween costume. Isn’t he fabulous? I think even skeptics would agree.

Photograph by Kent Hardouin

In my family alone, this topic has sparked amusing confessions and observations. Case in point: My cousin dropped her dog off at daycare only to witness with dismay that she had not “gotten the memo”–it was apparently dress-your-pet-up-for-Halloween-day! And her dog was the only one not in costume. She swiftly explained that she’d left the costume at home by mistake, then raced off to correct the situation. Let’s hope no one from doggie daycare is reading this blog as she would be busted. And her little dog, too!

Absolved Dog, With Photo as Proof


My brother, when asked if he had ever contemplated dressing up his cat, said that he had never done so and that if he had decided to suddenly spring a costume on his cat, the expected first reaction could only be his cat looking at him with an expression of, “Seriously?” with a second reaction being, “I’m going to claw your hands and that’s not part of our contract.” He elaborated that a dog’s social contract with its owner was quite different from a cat’s, saying, “A cat always reserves the right to say, ‘Heck, no.'”

The Halloween Howl

Well, if you looked around my neighborhood the other day and wittingly or unwittingly stumbled upon the aptly-named Halloween Howl, you would have had to concede that he has a point. Yes, sir, there were a whole lotta dogs who were indulging the “spirit of the contract” and probably wondering what on earth had inspired this latest request.

And so, without further ado, I bring you a taste of this latest display of loyalty on the part of man’s best friend:

The Marathon Runner


Dog, the Bounty Hunter (sheriff’s badge, off-camera)


Minion: Character From the Movie Despicable Me (with a special prize given by me for what appears to have been a highly-organized community effort to invite other neighborhood “Frenchis” to be part of the group entry)


Mister Coccoloso, aka Count Cocco


Dog Walking Upper East Side Tennis Players (tennis ball made by artist Eric Mangia)


Beyonce: The Single Ladies (the owners wore matching belts and silver accessories as the ensemble rocked the runway)


And for those of you who can’t get enough of pets in Halloween costumes, check out New York mag’s “Dogs Looking Depressed in Their Halloween Costumes” slideshow, and The New Yorker‘s high-brow Critterati Contest winners slideshow (where the challenge is to dress your pet animal as a character in literature).

What About You? Do you dress your pet up for Halloween?

P.S. I promised Simon his “15 minutes of fame.” And that’s a contract I intend to enforce to the letter of the law!

Sneak Peek of a Very Proud Simon as a Lobster