Day 20: Cajun Chicken With Collard Greens

To finish off our daily dinner blog, we have Kathleen Harris, managing editor of Kathleen directs all aspects of the website, including Simply Stated.


It's the final day of our month of dinners, and I think we ended with a bang. When it came time for the staff to choose which recipe he or she wanted to make, I agreed to try whichever one was left. To my surprise, the Cajun Chicken With Collard Greens recipe was still on the list. I think collard greens might scare off some people, but just think of them as delicious warm, leafy, good-for-you greens. In this recipe, they weren't overly bitter and instead provided a really nice complement to the chicken dish. Alas, I'm getting ahead of myself.



The prep work for this dish was very easy. First, the chicken needed to be seasoned: I didn't perfectly measure out the blackening seasoning. Instead, I shook my spice jar all over the chicken until I felt like they were adequately coated, which definitely amounted to much more than the 2 teaspoons called for in the recipe. But I am not one to shy away from spices.

While the chicken cooked, I prepped my vegetables. Sliced garlic and red pepper were mixed with roughly chopped collards—you really don't have to be too precise here since they cook down fast. The last step is adding the black-eyed peas (a personal fave).


And here's the final dish:


It really came out amazing.  I'm not a huge fan of chicken, because it can often be tough and dry, but this chicken was moist and flavorful—hugely in part to the blackening seasoning—and cooked perfectly, even on my electric stove (the downside of living in a prewar apartment building). I'd say that this 30-minute, healthy meal is a keeper. To quote my husband: "It was awesome; I felt like I was eating dinner in New Orleans."

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