CB2 – 14 Favorites For Fall

October 25, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

CB2 is really blowing my mind lately! They have so many fresh finds that it's hard to not empty your wallet — and not just on furniture, but on soft furnishings and accessories too. I've always liked their energetic color palette combined with a mostly neutral base, but their aesthetic just feels fresher and even a bit more edgy this season – what do you think?


Their pillows have a very handmade urban vibe to them and their rugs are blowing my mind… I seriously wish they'd ship to Germany because I spotted a few rugs that I could definitely find use for.


Do you have any favorite finds this season? For me, I really like the following — I guess you can call this my wish list:

1. Man/Woman Wall Vases

2. Hatfield Grellow Rocker – By the way, Grellow is what CB2 is calling a combination of green and yellow.

3. Organic Sheets with inspiring words

4. Stikit Tape Dispenser

5. Cityscape Rubber Stamps

6. Fold Desk

7. Hinge Sconce

8. Birch Storage Boxes

9. Joe Chair

10. Swig Mini Bar

11. Bloomish Rug

12. Code Rug

13. Branch Mat

14. Butterfly Pillow

Have you ever shopped CB2? Out of my finds above, which ones do you love too?

(images: cb2)