You Asked: Is It Appropriate to Have a Baby Shower for a Second Child?

October 21, 2010 | By | Comments (1)

Actually, a reader named Susan asked this question. And to Susan, I say: of course it's appropriate, because someone is having a…baby! With little baby feet, and pearly

Baby cake fix baby earlobes, and a baby neck that smells like talcum powder. What better reason exists to celebrate?

Not only is a party appropriate, the occasion also may mark the last time the mother-to-be gets to relax with her friends for many months to come. (Does anyone among us really believe the woman is going to have another chance to sit in a chair, peacefully eating a slice of cake or four, before that second baby turns two?)

I’m guessing Susan's question had an underlying question (please correct me if I'm wrong, Susan), and that it goes something like this: Is it appropriate to expect guests to bring gifts to a second-baby shower, especially if there was a first-baby shower not so long ago, for which everybody pitched in to buy a crib and a stroller and a high chair and a jumpy-thing and…

The answer is, ask the mother-to-be. She knows better than anyone if she needs new baby equipment or more little, knitted hats with bunny ears. If she doesn’t, write “No presents, please” on the invitations. If she does, write “Please join us in celebrating a very happy occasion” on the invitations.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that this advice comes to you from a mother who had a shower for a third baby (it was a lovely, sunny day, with champagne and toasts and everyone passing around the baby, who had arrived in time for the party). So maybe some of the rest of you have different opinions on the subject. What do you think, baby shower or no?

(image from zAppledot on flickr)