Day 13: Asian Beef and Mango Salad

Today's recipe was prepared by editorial assistant Nykia Spradley, who frequently writes for our fashion section and is also a blogger on our Home & Organizing channel on Simply Stated.




If there were ever an ideal quick, carb-free meal that leaves you full and satisfied after eating, this Asian Beef and Mango Salad is it. My husband was skeptical at the thought of salad for dinner, but I assured him that the beef would make it feel like dinner and fill him up, and indeed it did. I've wracked my brain trying to come up with a post-gym dinner that wouldn’t leave me sluggish or negate my workout efforts, and this is perfect.




Aside from slicing the mango and cucumbers, which can be done in advance, this meal took all of 15 minutes to prepare. Best of all, I didn't feel heavy or still hungry afterwards. The salad was delicious, it was a great combination of savory and sweet, and, although the mangos were not super sweet, it was a great balance against the beef and soy sauce. It turned out great, and now I have a quick meal to add to my recipe arsenal.




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