Adorable Way to Dress Up Halloween Cupcakes

A few months ago I came across these innovative, charming toppings for cupcakes: Ticings! They're edible sheets of icing that have cute designs printed on them for any occasion, from baby showers to birthdays to Halloween. And they're especially perfect for those of us non-bakers who want a way to simply dress up cupcakes from a store-bought mix. Plus, they're super easy to apply: Once you frost your treats (buttercream frosting works best), you simply peel off the top sheet of the sticker and press down firmly. (And don't worry, you can't taste them and they're made with food-safe, non-toxic inks.) 


For Halloween, the company has debuted a festive assortment of creepy spiders, Jack-O'-Lanterns, and black cats. What do you think? Would you use these in place of sprinkles?


Ticings 2