Day 3: Turkey Burgers with Romaine Slaw

Our third brave chef is Kaitlyn Pirie a reporter in our research department. Like Claudia she checks the facts in our stories and also helps out with reporting if a story needs some additional information.

Any cooking skills that I possess stem from an eagerness to experiment and “just see what happens.” Thankfully, the Turkey Burgers with Romaine Slaw secured itself a spot on my list of successful experiments.


The whole thing came together rather quickly and I was able to prepare the slaw while the burgers cooked. I confess that I substituted white balsamic vinegar for white wine vinegar in the slaw because that’s all Trader Joe’s had in stock, and I don’t mind the sweeter taste. I also couldn’t find my grater amongst the clutter of moving into a new apartment so I resorted to cutting the carrots into small, thin slices rather than grating them. As long as you don’t mind slaw with a bit more heft, this technique will suffice.


I’m generally not a carrot person, and the thought of topping my turkey burgers with a carrot mixture made me a little uneasy, but with this recipe I’ve discovered a new tasty way to incorporate carrots into my diet. The sweet and tangy qualities of the slaw complimented the scallions in the burgers, and it reminded me of summer. I can’t wait to try these on the grill sometime.




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