Illustrated Pet Portraits

September 20, 2010 | By | Comments (1)

Let’s face it: we love our pets and do all sorts of crazy things to show it from dressing them up to placing them in designer totes to carry around. It’s just how we roll! In addition to everything else we do to show Spot and Felix how much we adore them, there’s another great idea out there and it just so happens to make an excellent gift for a friend, too. It’s the gift of giving an illustrated pet portrait (which has been around forever I know). What makes this so “new” is that you can have one made for you by an independent artist who won’t charge an arm and a leg (or tail!). Just search online marketplaces like Etsy…

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

I found out about Paule Trudel Bellemare from Anna over at the modern home blog, Door Sixteen, because she posted about her beloved dog Fritz and how he was recently chosen as a model by Paule for one of her portraits. I love her custom work of owners with their dogs and think that this would be the best gift ever!

Paule has an Etsy shop and her prices are affordable and her work is a delight – her style is fresh and fun.

Would you want a custom illustration of you and your pet? Just your pet? Why? What do you like about this idea?

(images: paule trudel bellemare)