What My Dog Taught Me This Summer

September 8, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

The weather in Eastern Long Island was as gorgeous this summer as it was dreadful last year.  Walking or running with the dog on the beach, I felt far away from the siren-filled, humidity-ridden, horn-honking city.  I had a chance to relax and reflect.  But enough about me.

If my dog could talk, here’s what I imagine he would have told me about his splendid summer.

1. I’m Easy to Please. As long as the windows are open and the wind is blowing, you can take me anywhere in the car, even to a shopping center.  That patch of grass may look like standard fare to you but it’s irresistible to me and I’ll drop and give you 20 roll overs, no questions asked.  Give me mere minutes at the beach before my visiting hours are over and I’ll manage to unearth at least one crab leg.

Lesson Learned: Simple pleasures can be delightful, no matter how brief.


2. I’m Happily Surprised. In all my years, I’ve never seen a sight such as the herd of deer that bounded across an open field. Had the window been open wider, I would have leapt from the car and given chase. Nearly as riveting were the stray cats that showed up at the beach parking lot without their permits. The last thing I expected to find in that cul-de-sac was a cottontail rabbit darting out from under a manicured privet hedge.

Lesson Learned: You never know what’s around the corner but if you open your eyes, you can find a magical surprise.

3. I Could Be a Weatherman. If you noticed, I snuck in a quick bathroom break just minutes before the heavens exploded. It was no coincidence. Trust me, I certainly didn’t get any pointers from the local news.

Lesson Learned: Remember that your pet hears, smells, sees, and senses things before you do.

4. I Like to Work Out in the Morning. There’s no comparison between starting my day with a boisterous romp and just lolling around the house. Better to play hard and then sleep hard. The day goes by much faster.

Lesson Learned: Get those endorphins firing and you’ll start your day off right.


5. If You Engage in a Face-off With a Cow, You Will Lose. I sized her(?) up and was ready to take her on, but I was on a leash and she was not.  You tugged on my collar and I blinked first.

Lessons Learned: Take on someone your own size and don’t enter combat with one hand tied behind your back.


How was your summer?  Did your pets have crazy adventures?  What have your pets taught you?

Kooky stories welcome.