Choosing Wallpaper

September 3, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

I’m moving in less than a month and I’m already planning things like what to paint, where to wallpaper and display and storage ideas…in my head, on paper, in notebooks, in Photoshop… I’m OCD like that (OCD = Outta Control Decorator). Thing is, there is SO MUCH out there to pick from these days and with so much on the market available that looks great, how do you decide? Well here are 5 ways to help you choose wallpaper, the current big decision that I’m trying to make. Maybe my tips will help you…

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1. Tape it to the wall. I currently have some samples from Ferm Living since I plan to buy some wallpaper from them in the very near future. To help me “visualize” how it would look in my home I can’t just think about it — I need to really SEE it in my space, on the wall. That’s what I’ve down above.

2. Live with it for a few days. After taping a few favorites to your wall, leave them there for a few days. Watch the way the light changes how they look – wallpaper is a lot like paint, it can look different according to how much light (or lack of) is in the space.

3. Next consider: do you want to look at the pattern for the next year or even longer? Do you REALLY want wallpaper to give the space pattern or can you add soft furnishings instead or a piece of furniture? The goal is to keep it up for at least a year because wallpaper is an investment unlike a can of $20 paint. A single wall can cost hundreds to wallpaper between materials and labor – some can go into the thousands depending on how expensive your taste is. You want to love it everyday for that price! Sure, you can take it down if you get sick of it but it’s more important to invest in beautiful new bedding or a patterned chair if you think you may tire of it too soon. You can re-purpose, move or sell those things. Wallpaper, once it’s removed, ends up in the trash can.

4. Rethink the space. If you can’t imagine keeping the wallpaper around for long enough to cover the money and manpower that you will invest in it, consider other options to add wallpaper to your home if you are really dead set on wallpaper in general. If you wallpaper a ceiling, that can be an amazing accent but it also gives you 4 blank walls still that you are seeing most of the time so you won’t get as tired of the pattern if it’s above you, right? But it can be an amazing accent for a room to wallpaper the ceiling. You can also try adding it to small rooms – a guest bathroom, laundry room, entry, hallway — places where you generally do not spend a lot of time — those spots are perfect for wallpaper if you fear you could get tired of it if you see it daily in say, your bedroom or kitchen.

5. If you decide against wallpaper on the walls or ceilings, wallpaper the interior of a closet, line dresser drawers, interiors of doors, shelving… get creative!

Have a nice weekend everyone and enjoy your time off! See you next week!

(image: holly becker)