This Dog Mom Welcomes You to the Pets Blog

August 23, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

Hi, I’m Jennifer Mirsky, former Managing Editor of, then interim discussion leader of the No-Obligation Book Club, and now pets blogger for the site.

Did you see how people answered our poll asking if they had a pet?  Predictably, many have dogs or cats or a combination thereof. But there are more esoteric pet owners amongst us–some have ferrets and turtles and snails and snakes. And one reader says she has 12 pets! (either she must not live in a city or they must be very, very small.) Amusingly, several readers posed a question in return: “Do husbands count?”

As for me, my adult life (as opposed to my childhood which was filled with pets pandemonium) can be divided into two parts: B.D. and A.D. or rather, before dog and after dog, when I officially crossed over to the other side and became “one of those crazy dog people” to those without this particular affliction.  I like to think that I keep some perspective on it all, hence the tongue-in-cheek vs. taking-itself-seriously dog blog, but one has only to find out how many thousands of photographs I’ve taken of said pooch or the ways in which I’ve changed my lifestyle (happily) to label me a guilty-as-charged unabashed dog lover.

This notwithstanding, I promise not to let my dog-centric views skew this blog. This is an equal-opportunity pets space!  This blog will focus on the psychological and lifestyle aspects of having a pet as well as noteworthy pet news and trends.

One of the pet matters that I struggle with personally is what to call myself.  That is, “dog owner” feels cold and technical.  “Master” conjures up images of Medieval times and fiefdoms and slaves.  “Master” also reminds me of the quip or cartoon that dogs have masters and cats have staff, which is funny indeed.  “Mommy” feels a little silly and is looked askance at by people who have children.  So I have settled on “dog parent” though the jury is still out.

What do you call yourself?

Has anyone you’ve known or met come up with the perfect designation?

Should I just get over it and call myself Mom?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.