Looking for Uncluttering and Organizing Motivation? Focus on What Makes You Happy

August 17, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

After reading this paragraph, set a timer for two minutes, close your eyes, and think about what makes you perpetually happy. If your mind starts to drift toward things that disappoint or upset you, gently remind yourself to focus on happy things and let the good thoughts flow. Ready?

Start now.

Did you last the full two minutes? No? Try again.

Congratulations! Focusing on good things for two minutes can be difficult. Now, pull up a blank document on your computer or grab a sheet of paper and a pen and list all of the wonderful things that came into your thoughts.

Did you think of your family or friends? Vacations and adventures? Praying or meditating? Relaxing or playing sports? Having a good meal? Figuring out a difficult problem? Laughing? Volunteering? Puppies?

Only you know what amazing things repeatedly bring you joy, so tailor your list specifically for you.

These things that make you happy are almost always the same things that matter most to you in life. These are your reasons to clear the clutter and get rid of the distractions. And, although work might feel like something that is keeping you from spending time on these endeavors, remember that you also need to take responsibility for the things that matter — and earning a paycheck is often how you can do that.

When you’re in need of motivation during an uncluttering or organizing project, pull out this list of important things to remind you why you’re working so hard. Also, consider hanging this list where you can easily see it and review it often. It will bring a guaranteed smile to your face, and keep you focused on what is important to you.