Survey: Best Bridesmaid Gift You’ve Ever Received?

I’m a big fan of the custom of giving your bridesmaids a special gift before the wedding – something to thank them for being a part of your special day. With my October wedding fast approaching, I’m in the process of whittling down a list of potential bridesmaid gifts. 

I want to give the girls something they’ll actually use and love. A few of the front runners are: my favorite beach tunics (wedding is in Florida), some custom made earrings from a young designer, or one of a number of adorable handmade items I’ve come across on Etsy. I’ve known brides who gave monogrammed robes that were a big hit, and I like that idea too (anyone have a great source for this?).  

I’m curious readers, what’s the best bridesmaid’s gift you’ve ever gotten? 

Please share your thoughts here! I’m hoping for inspiration…