3-Ingredient Treat: Mango Tango from So Good and Tasty

Today's 3-ingredient recipe comes from Jacqui Savisky the recipe blogger behind So Good and Tasty. Jacqui started So Good and Tasty as a way to channel her extreme love of food. When she's not whipping up something fantastic in the kitchen, she runs a graphic design business and Etsy shop called Slide Sideways with her husband. Here's her favorite simple recipe:

Summer is the one season I find myself eating food in its simplest form. A peach eaten fresh from the tree, and warmed by the sun is one of life's most pleasurable experiences. A simple galette, filled with goat cheese and bursting with little roasted tomatoes; or fresh plums, berries, spices, and honey, are some of the simple meals you will find me enjoying. 


One thing most of my summer meals have in common is not only their ease and simplicity, but how few ingredients they contain. There might be a single star ingredient which is highlighted and complimented by other fresh ingredients. Take mango, basil, and lime—each is strong on their own, but when I brought them together, the mango's sweetness was suddenly tamed by the tartness of the lime and spiciness of the basil.


This salad barely needs a recipe; it's refreshing to eat on a hot summer day, and leaves you enough time to hang out at the beach or nearby park with friends and family.


Mango Tango
serves 2


1 mango
Juice of one small lime
1 teaspoon chopped fresh basil


Peel and cube the mango, place into a bowl. Squeeze the lime juice over the mango, sprinkle with the chopped basil. Carefully stir the mixture together, just to coat, and serve.

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(images and recipe courtesy of Jacqui Savisky)