Birthday Cake for Big Kids

When is the last time someone really went all out for your birthday? Childhood parties were full of balloons, silly hats, streamers (and the occasional scary clown). But the best part was always the cake. All eyes on you, people singing, yummy frosting, candles and a wish! Well, I say even big kids deserve a great birthday cake. In fact, it’s a surefire way to remind that special birthday someone to stay young at heart. 

We recently celebrated my fiance’s birthday…three times in one week, in fact (lucky guy). It just kind of happened that way. One night we hosted friends for drinks at our place, then headed out to dinner with a fun group. On his actual birthday, I took him out to a fancy French restaurant (his favorite), just the two of us. Then my incredibly sweet mother hosted a family dinner party – and of all the celebrations, it quite literally took the cake. Look what she made! 


Not only was it the most delicious, moist coconut cake I’ve ever tasted, but she pulled out all the stops – decorating the cake with little plastic sea creatures (found at a local drug store, near the children’s bath toys). My fiance is an avid fisherman and lover of the ocean, so this was quite thoughtful, and we all got such a kick out of it! Apparently my Dad even got involved with the placement of the toys – the lobster, he argued, belonged on the bottom, because that’s where lobsters like to hang out. I haven’t seen anything this charming on an adult’s birthday cake since…ever. And I’m definitely stealing this idea the next time I’m the one baking the cake. Hat’s off to my clever mother once again for out-doing us all in the role of hostess-with-the-mostess. 


Of course there was singing and candles and wishes galore. And wine. And then, things got a little silly…


It was bound to happen. No matter how old he gets, you can’t give a boy new toys and expect him not to play with them. 

Have you ever done something along these lines? Got any fun birthday cake ideas? 

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